Blaseball is an online baseball simulator with horror elements. It has amassed a large fan community that creates fanart and roleplays the different teams and players in the game. I've primarily created content for my favorite team, the Miami Dale (the Spanish word; pronounced "Dah-lay"). This includes social media designs, merch designs, digital illustrations, and more.
I also ran the Dale Twitter account.
All of this content is fanmade. I have no affiliation with Blaseball or its developers, The Game Band.
"Armada Incoming" branding
"The Dale Don't Die" branding
"Era 3" branding
"STAR POWER" branding
"System Restore" branding
Twitter account highlights
The Miami Dale Twitter account had over 2.8k followers and got an average of 18.8k impressions a day. I archived the account in April 2021. Below are some tweets that (I think) are very good:
"I sleep soundly tonight knowing that the Miami Dale have once again completed a season without doing anything particularly noteworthy"
"New account policy: If I catch you in my mentions thinking it's funny to mispronounce or misspell our team name, I'm calling your parents and telling them you have a Reddit Gold subscription"
"People always ask "how are the Miami Dale doing" / But nobody ever asks 'how is the social media manager of the Miami Dale on Twitter DOT com doing'"
"The Miami Dale have officially acquired Microsoft"
"The Miami Dale are eternally sponsored by the Sega® Dreamcast™"