Blaseball is an online baseball simulator with horror elements. It has amassed a large fan community that creates fanart and roleplays the different teams and players in the game. I've primarily created content for my favorite team, the Miami Dale (the Spanish word; pronounced "Dah-lay"). This includes social media designs, merch designs, digital illustrations, and more.
The Miami Dale Twitter account had over 2.8k followers and got an average of 18.8k impressions a day. I archived the account in April 2021. Below are some tweets that      (I think) are very good:
"I sleep soundly tonight knowing that the Miami Dale have once again completed a season without doing anything particularly noteworthy"
"New account policy: If I catch you in my mentions thinking it's funny to mispronounce or misspell our team name, I'm calling your parents and telling them you have a Reddit Gold subscription"
"It's crazy how all Miami Dale fans are insanely attractive and good-looking. Absolute baddies"

"To those of you who are new to the account: we like to make a lot of jokes here! You just may not have realized this because all of our jokes are terrible and not funny"